The Prizes

The Lush Spring Prize 2017

There are 11 winners of the 2017 Prize, from 10 different countries. They share a total prize fund of £200,000.

We received over 450 nominations, and 52 projects and organisations were short-listed.

The different prize categories range from the Ideas stage, through to Young and Established organisations, as well as an Influence Award, aimed at campaigns to influence policy or public opinion towards a more regenerative society.

Judging took place in March and the winners were announced in May. Our diverse panel of judges came from a wide spectrum of movements representing regenerative design, permaculture, food sovereignty, transition, biomimicry and eco-village networks.

Eleven projects from Brazil to Zimbabwe received, between them, a total of £200,000 to support their work on environmental and social regeneration.

The winners demonstrate the variety of approaches that can be taken to create a more regenerative society: from restoring degraded landscapes to creating platforms that give a voice to marginalised communities.

Five Intentional Project Awards (£10,000 each), went to the following young and newly developing projects:
Benaa (Egypt)
Instituto Compassos (Brazil)
Soft Foot Alliance (Zimbabwe)
MontBio (Spain)
Regeneration Project: Granada (Spain)

Young Project Awards (£25,000 each) went to:
Mining Watch Romania
Indigenous Climate Action (Canada)
Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (Malawi)

Established Project Awards (£25,000 each) went to two organisations considered to be beacons of regeneration that have withstood the test of time.:
Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania
The Timbaktu Collective (India)

The Influence Award (£25,000) went to La Via Campesina, for their lobbying and campaign work that is trying to influence policy and public opinion in support of small scale agro-ecological farmers around the world.