2017 Prize Recipients

2017 Lush Spring Prize recipients

Eleven projects from Brazil to Zimbabwe received, between them, a total of £200,000 to support their work on environmental and social regeneration.

The recipients demonstrate the variety of approaches that can be taken to create a more regenerative society: from restoring degraded landscapes to creating platforms that give a voice to marginalised communities.

Five Intentional Project Awards (£10,000 each), went to the following young and newly developing projects:
Benaa (Egypt)
Instituto Compassos (Brazil)
Soft Foot Alliance (Zimbabwe)
MontBio (Spain)
Regeneration Project: Granada (Spain)

Young Project Awards (£25,000 each) went to:
Mining Watch Romania
Indigenous Climate Action (Canada)
Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (Malawi)

Established Project Awards (£25,000 each) went to two organisations considered to be beacons of regeneration that have withstood the test of time:
Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania
The Timbaktu Collective (India)

The Influence Award (£25,000) went to La Via Campesina, for their lobbying and campaign work that is trying to influence policy and public opinion in support of small scale agro-ecological farmers around the world.


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The recipients received their awards during a two-day event at Emerson College in East Sussex. Emerson College is surrounded by organic farms and demonstrates the regenerative practices embedded in parts of the English rural economy.