The Prizes

There are 17 recipients of the 2023 Prize, from 15 different countries.

The prizes are awarded across six categories: Intentional, Young, Established and Influence Awards, an Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award (run in partnership with Be The Earth Foundation) and the Permaculture Magazine Award; investing in total more than £230,000 in regenerative work.

For 2023 we also have two additional collaborative prizes:

We received hundreds of nominations, and more than 70 projects and organisations were short-listed.

The main prize categories again cover the ideas stage, through to young and established organisations, and campaigns to influence policy or public opinion towards a more regenerative society.

Our panel of judges are from a wide spectrum of movements representing regenerative design, permaculture, food sovereignty, transition, biomimicry and eco-village networks. There were additional judges for the Ancient & Indigenous Wisdom and the Permaculture Magazine awards.