The Prizes

There are 20 recipients of the 2021 Prize, from 16 different countries.

The 2021 prizes are awarded across six categories: Intentional, Young, Established and Influence Awards, a Youth In Permaculture Prize (run in partnership with Abundant Earth Foundation) and Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award (run in partnership with Be The Earth Foundation); investing more than £220,000 in regenerative work.

We received hundreds of nominations, and more than 50 projects and organisations were short-listed.

The main prize categories again cover the ideas stage, through to young and established organisations, and campaigns to influence policy or public opinion towards a more regenerative society.

For 2021 we have two additional exploratory special awards; one for indigenous and traditional knowledge-led projects and organisations, and another to honour young people working in permaculture.


2021 day of celebration

Saturday 23rd was a day of celebration where we publicly announced the 2021 Prize recipients, and explored the different approaches being taken to eco-social regeneration, celebrating the crucial work being done by all the projects shortlisted for Spring Prize 2021.

You can watch a YouTube recording of the live-streamed event below.


Throughout the day we virtually traveled the world, introducing and celebrating the 2021 Spring Prize recipients’ inspiring work. We visited projects live at local celebrations- exploring the many different approaches being taken to eco-social regeneration around the world.

We were supported on this journey by a number of musicians and artists, including:

  • a live performance from Permatil in Timor-Leste;
  • original songs from members of the Permayouth network and a project in Namibia;
  • songs from the Landworkers’ Alliance
  • a special Songs from the Forest concert brought to you from the forests of southern Chile.