Influence Award

This prize is for local, national or international organisations and networks that have a core focus on campaigning or lobbying to influence policy, regulation or public opinion in support of regeneration.

It is aimed at supporting those who are changing the context in which we are all working; who are helping to build and strengthen the regenerative movement.

There are at least two prizes in this category, with each being awarded up to £25,000. We aim to award one prize to a small scale project in this category.


How to enter

Complete the online entry form below – you can save the form at any time and complete it later.

The deadline for applications is 19th September 2022 10:00 GMT.

We will contact all applicants after the shortlisting phase in October 2022.

In filling out this form please take the time to reflect and discuss answers with your team and beneficiaries. Please read the eligibility and background information before filling in this form and make sure you answer all questions. Please stick to word counts.

Please fill out this application in your preferred language (English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese or Japanese) and we will attempt to support you in that language throughout the application and prize process.


Nominate another Project or Organisation

You can also nominate an organisation or project and we will contact them – encouraging them to apply. The deadline for nominations is 2nd September 2022 10:00 GMT.


Guidance: applying for a Lush Spring Prize 2023



We want this application process to be useful for you and the wider regeneration movement. We will therefore analyse application answers to better understand best practice, common issues and key training needs.

Contact details (other than websites and social media pages) will remain confidential unless we contact you for further permissions which you agree to. You can see the full privacy policy here.


Entry Form

Answer all questions marked with an *asterisk.