Communication partners

Our communication partners are from media outlets and regenerative networks around the world. Focusing on areas from human rights to permaculture, they are amplifying the voices and sharing the stories of Spring Prize recipients.

Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture: Earth care, people care, future care is part of a visionary multi-media family:

  • A print and digital magazine available direct to subscribers and in stores all over the world.
  • A print and digital book publisher, Permanent Publications.
  • A YouTube channel, Permaculture Magazine and free website packed with solutions,
  • Social media platforms.
  • An online shop selling Permanent Publications books, Permaculture magazine and a range of free eBooks

    Permaculture Magazine loves tools that create productive and resilient homes, gardens, economies, schools, farms and communities. Their content includes no-dig and forest gardening, renewable tech, alternative economics, regenerative agriculture, DIY, health and wellbeing.

    They also publish solutions featuring projects and pioneering ideas from the very best of the permaculture movement. Permaculture Magazine has partnered with the Spring Prize to create a 2023 collaborative prize: The Permaculture Magazine Award.


The RegenNarration podcast features the stories of a generation that is changing the story, enabling the regeneration of life on this planet. It’s weekly, independent media, ad-free, freely available and supported entirely by listeners.

You’ll hear from high profile and grass-roots leaders everywhere, on how they’re changing the stories we live by, and the systems we create in their mould. Along with often very personal tales of how they themselves are changing.

In early 2022 RegenNarration produced a podcast with María Inés Cuj & Rony Lec from Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura in Guatamala who were awarded a  2021 Lush Spring Prize in 2021. Listen here.

Permaculture Podcast

The Permaculture Podcast is the longest-running, English-language podcast dedicated to permaculture in the world, reaching tens of thousands of unique listeners every month in over 100 countries.

Started in 2010 for his love of permaculture, over the years Scott Mann has released over 450 long-format, guest-focused, interview-driven episodes in order to and cover the breadth and depth of what it means to practice permaculture. Each one is an opportunity to hear a conversation you won’t find anywhere else

Sustainable World Radio

Sustainable World Radio is a solution-oriented podcast that features interviews with guests from around the world who learn from and work with nature. Sustainable World Radio is hosted and produced by Jill Cloutier and encourages listeners to appreciate the land, water, plants, and people that sustain their lives.

Guided by the Permaculture principles of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share, each episode helps remind us how we can become better stewards of the natural and social worlds we inhabit. Sustainable World Radio supports listeners with implementing solutions that can help regenerate this beautiful planet we live on.

The Regenerative Media Alliance

The Regenerative Media Alliance is a new media cooperative of independent content producers advancing the message of a regenerative future for all.

Founded by Oliver Goshey, Scott Mann, and Jill Cloutier, the goal of the Alliance is to bring the knowledge of regenerating land and communities to a global audience and to provide education, skills, and attainable actions that empower listeners and viewers to make meaningful changes in their lives.

The Empathy Project

The Empathy Project addresses the need to reframe human relationships with animals, in ways that benefit nature, the animals and humans. The project was developed both in response to the depth and scale of animal suffering, as well as to the belief that, where animals are exploited, humans suffer too.

In this work, the experience of the animal is placed front and centre. This is in order to challenge the myth of human supremacy by cultivating active compassion towards all living beings as well as to build the empathy between all beings that we, as a destructive species, need to grow, as we move deeper into climate and ecological breakdown.


Untelevised is an interactive media platform dedicated to exploring possibilities for social change. They work in two ways:

  1. Simplify political concepts, making politics genuinely accessible for those who question our system, but don’t consider themselves experts.
  2. Changing the dominant narrative, bridging the gap between those who produce content and those in grassroots environments with stories to tell but no access to tell them. Challenging the homogeneity and biases of the mainstream media through showcasing grassroots organisations, activists and projects who are trialling imaginative, compassionate and radical approaches to social justice.

    In 2021 Untelevised hosted the final virtual Spring Prize awards ceremony and produced a podcast series focused on climate change and regeneration.

Ethical Consumer Magazine

The Lush Spring Prize is co-coordinated by Ethical Consumer, a non-profit multi-stakeholder co-operative based in Manchester, UK.

Ethical Consumer’s research, publishing, magazine and campaigns seeks to leverage consumer power to challenge corporate power; generating positive impacts for the environment, people, animals and society.