The LUSH Spring Prize

An annual £200,000 prize fund and other support activities, to build capacity for those repairing the earth’s damaged systems.



Rather than reducing impacts and maintaining the earth’s damaged systems, the LUSH Spring Prize showcases work that seeks to heal and grow; taking a holistic approach to overcoming environmental, social and economic challenges.

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Entries for 2019 are now closed. The shortlist will be announced in February 2019.

The Judges

The LUSH Spring Prize judges are from a wide spectrum of movements representing regenerative design, permaculture, food sovereignty, transition, biomimicry and eco-village networks.

Photo: Alysha


LUSH staff judge (Lush selects one staff member to sit on the final judging panel).

Photo: Warren Brush

Warren Brush

Warren Brush is a global resilience design consultant, educator, lecturer and storyteller.

Photo: Elizabeth Couse

Elizabeth Couse

LUSH customer judge (Lush selects one customer to act as an additional independent member of the judging panel).

Photo: Jyoti Fernandes

Jyoti Fernandes

Jyoti Fernandes is an agroecological smallholder farmer based in Dorset, UK.

Photo: Andy Goldring

Andy Goldring

Andy Goldring is the Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association.

Photo: Dorothy Guerrero

Dorothy Guerrero

Dorothy Guerrero is an internationalist with almost 30 years of experience in social movements.

Photo: Precious Phiri

Precious Phiri

Precious Phiri is a training and development specialist from Regeneration International in Zimbabwe.

Photo: Filipa Pimentel

Filipa Pimentel

Filipa works for Transition Network and is a Portuguese forest scientist by training.

Photo: Gamelihle Sibanda

Gamelihle Sibanda

Gamelihle Sibanda is a certified Biomimicry professional who co-developed the Biominga Innovation Model.

Photo: Pandora Thomas

Pandora Thomas

Pandora Thomas is a passionate global citizen who works as a caregiver, teacher, writer, designer and speaker from the USA.

Photo: Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Christian Wahl

Dr. Wahl works internationally as a consultant and educator in regenerative development, whole systems design, and transformative innovation.

Photo: Julia Wright

Julia Wright

Julia Wright is Senior Research Fellow in Agroecological Futures, with a background in international development.

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About the Lush Spring Prize

People all over the world are developing ways to live in harmony with nature and each other. They are generating renewable resources, restoring ecosystems, nurturing solidarity and building health, wholeness and resilience.

The Lush Spring Prize is here to support this regeneration movement through:

  • An annual £200,000 prize fund. This is open to communities, organisations and businesses from the Intentional stage, through to Young and Established organisations, and Influencers. We are currently closed for entries but plan to reopen in September 2019.
  • Events that bring people together to share their skills and experience.
  • Publicity to raise awareness of regeneration and its potential to heal damaged systems.

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Past Winner Case Study

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT)

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania was a winner of the Established award in 2017.

SAT works with small-scale farmers face-to-face, in a holistic way, to facilitate, exchange and refine agroecological methods through dissemination, application and research, to strengthen livelihood

Learn more about SAT, and how winning the Prize has made a difference to their work.

Winning and short-listed projects