Collaborative Prizes

Be The Earth Foundation and Permaculture Magazine have partnered with the 2023 Lush Spring Prize to add two collaborative prizes: The Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award and the Permaculture Magazine Award.

The Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award and the Permaculture Magazine Award are separately funded and have their own judging panel.

Nominations for the 2023 Prize are now closed. A shortlist will be announced in January, and the winners will be announced in May.


Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award

Run in partnership with Be The Earth Foundation

This award seeks to recognise and celebrate ancient knowledge and wisdom.

In a world shaped by (historic and current) oppressive colonial and patriarchal structures, this award honours the necessity and relevance of traditional and ecological knowledge, as well as ancestral and indigenous nature-based practices.

Prize recipients share an amount of £10,000, provided by Be The Earth Foundation.


Permaculture Magazine Award

Run in partnership with Permaculture Magazine

The Permaculture Magazine Award is for individuals, communities, businesses, groups and organisations that can demonstrate inspirational permaculture work over three years or more.

It is looking for permaculture projects that are regenerating damaged land; enhancing habitat and biodiversity; helping people to gain practical and community skills; adding value to produce and developing local economies; building community, creating social glue and greater economic resilience; modelling new ways of cooperating and new cultural paradigms

Prize recipients share a prize fund of £15,000, provided by Permaculture Magazine.