Sporos Regeneration Institute

Sporos Regeneration Institute was founded in 2019 by four activists and operates on the island of Lesvos, the main gateway of refugees into Europe.

It aims to act as a bridge between the two worlds, bringing locals and refugees together, helping people to understand and respect each other by facilitating integration and hosting activities that bring disparate communities together in an effort to create lasting social change. Its mission is the regeneration of the environment, culture, and human relations.

Its offering includes:

  • Free permaculture design courses (PDC) for refugees.
  • Forest schools for children to reconnect with nature and develop their environmental identity.
  • Courses on regenerative farming, organic gardening, natural building and more.
  • Internships and vocational training in permaculture, agroforestry and regenerative agriculture.
  • Building school gardens.
  • Teaching relevant courses in local schools.
  • Conducting outreach work (such as project consultations, guest lectures, practical and theoretical support, and local and global networking).

Highlight achievements to date include how it has:

  • Regenerated 11 acres of land
  • Worked with 150 school children
  • Had 80 permaculture design course graduates
  • Produced thousands of kilos of fresh produce free to people in need
  • Provided seeds, seedlings & training to dozens of local growers.
  • Community, Food, Landscapes
  • 2023
  • Young Projects
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