Amrita Bhoomi Peasant Agroecology Centre


Amrita Bhoomi is a peasant agroecology training centre. It was launched in 2013 by Indian farmers to find solutions to the agrarian and ecological crises in India.

Today, most farm soil and food are contaminated, ground water tables are low, and biodiversity is lost, due to oil dependent, chemical, and monoculture farming. On the social front, there is a wave of farmer’s suicides because of indebtedness due to expensive inputs.

Amrita Bhoomi is working to reverse these trends by carrying out trainings for farmers on Zero Budget Natural Farming – a local agroecological method that needs no external inputs, very low water, and relies on natures processes. It has a special focus on youth, and also carry out seed conservation and distribution and climate adaptation.

  • Food, Water
  • 2018
  • Influence Award
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  • Amrita Bhoomi
    Hondarabalu village, 18 Km CHM - B. R. Hills Road
    Chamarajanagar Taluk and District