Bioregional Learning Centre 

Acting as a centre for climate resilience in South Devon, Bioregional Learning Centre knits together all parts of society, a wide range of sectors, many kinds of knowledge, a can-do attitude and regenerative practices.

As a learning centre, BLC values and stretches all the innovation already going on and shares the collective learnings. As a ‘systems lab’ we demonstrate through interventions and projects what strategic systems-change looks like on the ground.

Since its foundation in 2017, BLC has:

1. Prototyped a baseline assessment of regenerative potential for a bioregion using Story of Place.

2. Mapped the green shoots of vitality and innovation in South Devon by leading a Bioregional Learning Journey for climate resilience.

3. Brought the voice of civil society into river management alongside water experts, land owners and water itself to pioneer the Charter for the River Dart at Dartington.

4. Convened the Devon Doughnut Collective in co-creating the Devon Doughnut. The outcome will be a contextualized ecological and economic baseline and pathways for innovative action.

  • Community, Landscapes, Networks, Water
  • 2021
  • Young Projects
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Photo: Bioregional Learning Centre 

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