Dajopen Waste Management

Dajopen Waste Management Project is a Community Based Organization formed by members of Kitale, Kenya. Their mission is to help clean the town environment through reuse and recycling of municipal solid waste for the benefit of its slum dwellers and small scale farmers, as well as enhancing food security by making and supplying value-added organic fertilizer to farmers.

They have trained more than 165,000 people on waste management and organic farming, and eight community groups on producing a range of recycled products. The project’s activities include: composting of organic biodegradable waste, making briquettes from dry tree leaves and pulp papers, making simple maize shellers from scrap metals, to assist the small scale farmers and especially women who handle most of the domestic chores in the family. They support members in innovating to take advantage of the high rate of waste generation to create viable enterprises.

Uganda (Kenya’s neighbouring country) has sent civic leaders to learn about waste management from the project.

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  • 2021
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Photo: Dajopen Waste Management

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