Fundación Pachamama

Fundación Pachamama is a NGO with more than 23 years of experience working with the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon region. Its work aims to strengthen indigenous organizations, defend indigenous peoples’ land rights and promote alternative development models.

In partnership with the Indigenous Nations of the Amazon rainforest, they have protected millions of acres of pristine rainforest from oil and other extractive industries.

Fundación Pachamama is promoting a new Initiative called the Amazon Sacred Headwaters (ASHI). ASHI aims to permanently protect 86+ million acres of tropical rainforests in the headwaters of the Amazon River–the Napo and Marañon Basins of Ecuador and Peru.

ASHI will convene indigenous peoples, civil society and governments to establish a bi-national protected region, off-limits to industrial scale resource extraction and governed in accordance with traditional indigenous principles. This is the first holistic planning effort to address the key issues affecting such a large bioregion in the Amazon Basin.

  • Community
  • 2021
  • Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award
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Photo: Fundación Pachamama

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