Habiba Community

Habiba Community is a bottom-up initiative based on the shores of Sinai, Egypt. It joined the Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC) movement in 2019 and is now one of many organisations in this movement encouraging regenerative sustainable development models in South Sinai.

Ultimately Habiba seeks to make the Sinai desert green again. Habiba’s efforts to restore the South Sinai region are matched with international efforts underway to restore the entire Peninsula, which thousands of years ago used to be a forest-covered region rich in life and biodiversity. This development model has changed the mindset, by building inclusion, creating a network of 75 farms, 48 of which are Bedouin owned, that have fair access to the local market, and providing equal opportunities for all to guarantee well-being.

Habiba combines education and work in permaculture and restoration of the natural system with the goal of cooperating with the local Bedouin community. Embracing the ERC goal of providing educational programs in environmental restoration and regenerative practices for personal health and well-being.

Habiba helped local communities to:

  • Introduce regenerative agricultural techniques
  • Stop erosion
  • Avoid further desertification
  • Rebuild local livelihoods, based on healthy ecosystems

Habiba’s key asset is a regenerative and organic farm in the desert. This adapts cutting-edge methods in sustainable agri-tech and experimentation. This farm is changing the way food is produced, and is an international knowledge hub where community collaboration takes place.

Habiba is now working towards building a climate change resilient community in the coastal town of Nuweiba.

  • Community, Food, Landscapes, Water
  • 2023
  • Permaculture Magazine Award
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Photo: Habiba Community

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