Jupago Kreká Collective

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The Jupago Kreká Collective was born in 2005 after the indigenous Xukuru people reconquered their traditional territory.

The colonisation process had destabilised the Xukuru way of life, jeopardising the viability of their agricultural systems, practices and knowledge. The collective took on the challenge of regenerating both the environment and the mind based on the principles of Lymolaygo Toype (Living Well) with the commitment to break away from the system of land exploitation left by the colonisation process.

Jupago Kreká aim to coordinate processes that enable the identification of sustainable experiences among indigenous families, the systematisation of these practices and the socialisation of the results.

Jupago’s main achievements to date are:

  • A community agreement to defend and regenerate 360 hectares from the Boa Vista Sacred Complex.
  • Planting over 5,000 trees every year, combined with environment regeneration actions using the principle of cosmo-nucleation founded on harmony among all beings visible or not. As a result, multiple springs returned to life, producing new creeks and even waterfalls never seen in the area by this generation.
  • Materialised the Jeti Radyah lab to prepare traditional medicines using local species, with free distribution to the community. It also opened a local solidarity store where the community can share with visitors the enchantment from medicines and local handicrafts.

Xukuru believe that humans are nature, therefore, the healing of nature is necessary for human healing. Jupago seeks the enchantment of life, which is achieved by actions which care for all the lives that surround them, taking care of nature for the Sacred Nature

  • Community, Landscapes
  • 2023
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