Karambi Group of People with Disabilities was founded in 1995 by a group of people with disabilities in response to the discrimination, isolation and exclusion faced by people with disabilities (PWDs) within Ugandan society.

Karambi Group of People creates a model of inclusion for persons with disabilities by promoting human rights, accessibility to social services for PWDs, economic empowerment and skill development; ensuring availability of food and increased income among persons with disabilities; and respecting nature by involving them in environmental conservation.

It has rehabilitated 350 PWDs, economically empowered over 140, and trained 75 in permaculture.

On its six acres of land, it has established a food forest, permaculture gardens and an irrigation system that is enabling it to produce organic foods in all seasons throughout the year.

It also operates a skill training and demonstration centre and has scaled down permaculture to primary schools, so that young people can learn how to work with nature while producing the needed nutritious foods.

  • Community, Food
  • 2019
  • Influence Award
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