Khetee (which translates as Cultivation) is an organisation which began three years ago in Durdih, one of the most deprived villages of the Lakhisarai district in the Indian state of Bihar, where most households live below the poverty line.

Khetee worked with village farmers and women to develop the use of agroforestry to both improve living standards and reduce climate impacts. For Khetee, creating regenerative systems is not simply a technical, economical, ecological, or social shift. It goes hand-in-hand with an underlying shift in the way we think about ourselves, our relationship with each other, and with life as a whole.

Khetee works for community development through regenerative agroforestry. It focuses on land restoration, supporting livelihoods, improving food and nutrition security and reducing poverty in the Indian state of Bihar. It trains small and marginalised farmers in the methods and techniques of developing agroforestry and its maintenance.

To this day Khetee has:

  • Developed five different model farms
  • Converted and restored 5 acres of degraded farmland
  • Trained more than 150 farmers in regenerative agroforestry
  • Developed thirty community champions on agroforestry through its Khetee Fellowship Program
  • Conserved nearly 100 different varieties of native seeds.
  • Community, Food, Landscapes
  • 2023
  • Young Projects
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Photo: Khetee

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