La Finca Agro-Ecology Farm

La Finca Agro-Ecology farm was founded in Morocco in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic made local food production urgent and necessary, and La Finca emerged with the aim to achieve food sovereignty. The farm aims to showcase a model of resilient agriculture that is environmentally sound, economically viable and easily replicable within the community. This helps overcome the water, soil and poverty issues in Africa.

Its vision of regenerative agriculture puts emphasis on soil restoration, water management, erosion control, whole systems design, seed sovereignty, permaculture, training and capacity building.

Its vision is coming to life:

  • It has planted over a thousand trees and hundreds of different species of perennial plants to hold soil, create shade, sequester carbon and provide fruit, medicinal herbs, vegetables, fodder and biomass.
  • It has renovated the existing house on the farm and made it more sustainable by creating a closed water cycle by recycling grey and black water into a waste-water treatment wetland. Rainwater is harvested off of the farm’s buildings, and used for irrigation.
  • It has produced 40 tons of compost using local manure and biomass to grow nutrient-dense vegetables and healthy trees. It is mapping local endemic flora, and collecting ancient knowledge of its uses from the community, to preserve it and be able to include it in diet and medicine.
  • La Finca is also saving seeds and sourcing drought resistant heritage seeds from across Morocco.
  • Community, Food, Landscapes
  • 2023
  • Intentional Projects
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Photo: La Finca Agro-Ecology Farm

Project information

  • French, English
  • Lieu dit Ain Sfa 4 Cercle Tifelt Ait Ali Ou Lahcen Tlat Dkaik, Commune Ait Malek, Morocco