Laboratorio Sicilia 2030

Award Recipient

In this crucial time of climate, environmental, social and economic crises, Sicily is struggling to find an encompassing vision, to break free from widespread inertia and resignation, and align itself with its values.

The idea of Laboratorio Sicilia 2030 is to actively support individuals and organizations in Sicily to regenerate and grow sustainably following the UN 2030 Agenda. It is choosing to unite many often uncoordinated local initiatives in Sicily under the inclusive and organizing purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It wants to collaborate with all sectors of society and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborations.
For Laboratorio Sicilia, the time has come to enter into an era of shared responsibility and learning, co-creating a laboratory of solutions for planetary health and the benefit of all.

  • Community, Networks
  • 2019
  • Intentional Projects
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