Meli Bees Network

Meli Bees Network brings systemic regenerative support to the most endangered areas in the Amazon. They do so by working together with local traditional communities, engaging them in a Network of trust, where they can connect with other traditional communities to interact, share experiences and find support to develop regenerative practices.

Meli already has members from more than 15 different groups of Amazonian traditional communities – Indigenous villages, quilombos and smallholder “assentamentos”. They aim to learn about their stories, local reality, wishes and skills – and from there find the best practices to work with. Meli also connects them with the needed technical and scientific support and provides the tools needed to develop the best practices to have a social and environmental positive impact, such as education, agroecology and native beekeeping.

They hope to be able to reach hundreds of communities in the next five years, and at the same time develop a deep connection with each one of them.

  • Community
  • 2021
  • Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award
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