Mubaya Ecovillage Zimbabwe

Mubaya Ecovillage Zimbabwe started the journey of becoming an ecovillage in 2015, with the aim of introducing permaculture to all aspects of the existing Mubaya village by 2020, including energy autonomy, ecological and economic sustainability, and social coherence.

Since the creation of the ecovillage Centre in 2015 it has: run workshops on constructing solar ovens and solar driers, on food processing and community building; raised and distributed indigenous and exotic trees to surrounding villagers for reforestation purposes; installed drip-irrigation, done composting and eco brick construction. It has also raised awareness of permaculture, attended training on Moringa and Artemisia for herbal medication and food and started BioChar production, and has shared skills on building fences to keep animals out of fields.

  • Community, Energy, Food, Housing, Water
  • 2018
  • Young Projects
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Photo: Mubaya Ecovillage Zimbabwe

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