Regeneration International

RI was launched in June 2015 to create public awareness about regenerative agriculture and its many benefits.

It is building a global network of farmers, scientists, business leaders, activists, educators, journalists, governments and consumers. It focuses on public education, policy and farmer training.

RI has brought together stakeholders from more than 20 countries to collaborate on strategy; participating in the COP21, COP22, and COP23 Climate Summits; organized teach-ins on the “4 per 1000: Food Security and Climate Initiative”; co-created the Regeneration Hub, an online global resource for farmers; promoted a definition of regenerative agriculture that can’t be co-opted by corporations; co-organized a migrant summit in Guatemala; and assisted in the formation of affiliate regeneration chapters/groups.

  • Food, Networks
  • 2018
  • Influence Award
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Photo: Regeneration International

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