Rosemary Morrow (Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute)

BMPI was founded to enable people otherwise excluded from recognition in the global Permaculture world to learn, be seen and heard. BMPI meets the needs for non-formal permaculture community education.

Rosemary wrote the Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, the Teacher’s, and the Training of Teacher’s, manuals to establish quality, consistency and ‘care of people’. Locally, BMPI held two Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses, one teacher training and other short courses. Free places were given to young people and refugees. It also supports other permaculture organisations in Australia such as Milkwood.

Overseas, several months a year, Rosemary teaches PDCs and teacher training with a deep commitment to people’s rights to access permaculture strategies, identify future problems and work on local short and long term solutions.

  • Community, Food, Housing, Landscapes
  • 2018
  • Influence Award
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Photo: Rosemary Morrow (Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute)

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