Sustainable Village Resources (SVR)

SVR was established in 2012 with the purpose of improving the standard of living of people in the rural areas of Kenya by training them in sustainable agriculture. Its goal is to help farmers to build resilient soils.

It conducts permaculture sensitisation campaigns and lobbying to influence thinking and public opinion in support of regeneration through work with orphans, the disabled, refugees and coffee farmers, and in local schools and its five established permaculture systems. It works on capacity building of agricultural extension officers and farmers in regenerative polyculture food production systems, which require no digging, pesticides, insecticides, weeding or watering.

Its thinking is that perspective of the current problems facing the world has been lost as a result of deliberate, externally inflicted, and deeply entrenched modern, conventional thinking. This has shifted people from accumulation and dispensation of wisdom and intelligence to accumulation of illusionary worldly material wealth.

It aims to change the context in which people are working, thinking and living to help build and strengthen the regenerative movement locally and internationally.

  • Community, Food
  • 2019
  • Influence Award
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Photo: Sustainable Village Resources (SVR)

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