Whales of Guerrero Research Project

The Whales of Guerrero Research Project (WGRP) collaborates with local communities, government and universities to create incentives and opportunities to restore the region’s collapsing marine ecology. WGRP cultivates environmental stewardship via meaningful education, science and conservation programs. A community-run humpback whale study is the entrance point to conversations about marine wildlife and why nature matters.

Since 2014, it has: spearheaded 1500 hours of whale and dolphin field studies in partnership with local citizen scientists; formed and empowered ecotourism co-ops; trained 75+ fishermen as “whale safe captains” and taught 2500+ students in 25 schools about the surrounding environment; brought 250 kids out to meet their local whales and dolphins for the first time; and led 250+ international travellers on ecotourism adventures.

Next steps are a fishermen’s learning exchange between community leaders from Guerrero and communities in Baja California that have restored their seas and are now thriving as a result; the creation of a community-backed marine management plan, self-supporting education and guide training programs and a well-known and well-run ecotourism industry.

  • Community, Landscapes, Water
  • 2018
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Photo: Whales of Guerrero Research Project

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  • Whales of Guerrero Research Project
    Familia Cabrera Calle S/N
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    Petatlán, Guerrero