Women’s Initiative Gambia

Women’s Initiative Gambia (WIG) helps disadvantaged people in The Gambia improve their income and their standard of living whilst actively improving the environment.

Empowerment of local constituents is integral: projects are established through local women, youth, and disabled groups in rural villages to give them a voice in their own development and support improved investment planning and decision-making skills to become effective economic agents in their communities.

WIG has successfully implemented over 70 environmental and waste management projects across the country. They provide skills training on environmental clean-ups, turning plastic waste into plastic craft and the commercialization of recycled plastic waste products.

They train people in creating alternative cooking fuels from discarded groundnut and coconut shells, and other organic waste to replace traditional charcoal, which causes deforestation and air pollution.

They have a wide variety of other programs, including school gardening, food and nutrition, agroforestry, Permaculture and bee-keeping, improving food security and degraded land for increasing production of saleable goods.

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  • 2021
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Photo: Women’s Initiative Gambia

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