Yes to Life, No to Mining

The Yes to Life, No to Mining (YLNM) network was founded in November 2014 by a collection of community-based organisations and NGOs from Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

It was launched as a call to action, making visible the growing number of communities wanting to say NO to mining and resist an inherently unsustainable industry predicated on ecological and social harm. As a network, it exists to support its members in resisting unwanted mining and develop and protect life-sustaining alternatives.

After its launch as a web platform, the YLNM network grew organically, with an increasing number of communities, organisations and other networks joining from every inhabited continent.

These members began organising to support and amplify each others’ campaigns online, source funding for members, and provide reactive solidarity support in emergencies, for example in the case of Mongolian Earth Defender Beejin Khastumur.

YLNM coordinates work around three key areas:

  1. Providing information to front-line communities, as in the case of the ‘Water is Life’ toolkit;
  2. Convening front-line community learning exchanges focused on successful strategies in Colombia, Finland, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar etc.;
  3. Leading a discussion within the movement on ‘post-extractivism’ and how we go beyond mining.
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Photo: Yes to Life, No to Mining

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