Zimbabwe Smallholder Organic Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF)

Award Recipient

ZIMSOFF was established in 2002 as the voice of the peasants struggling for social justice in Zimbabwe. ZIMSOFF is farmer-owned and farmer-led and envisions improved livelihoods of organized and empowered smallholder farmers practising sustainable and viable ecological agriculture.

It seeks to reduce dependence on low and increasingly erratic rainfall and to conserve the remaining soil. In order to maintain participation, ZIMSOFF organises field days, seed and food fairs, organic food festivals, and exchange visits.

It is using farmer-to-farmer training to hone and spread proven techniques, including water harvesting, degraded wetland rehabilitation and organic agriculture, in a most drought-afflicted region.

It is developing living examples on managing living soils, seed and water in order to provide evidence for its advocacy work. Walking the talk on regeneration ideas means setting up convincing actions that make sense.

It is campaigning to influence policies and public awareness towards agroecology and smallholder farmers’ rights on access to healthy soils, clean water and seed.

  • Community, Food, Networks
  • 2019
  • Influence Award
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