Regeneration Project: Granada


Regeneration Project: Granada (Spain) grew from Eroles Project’s 2016 Camp As If People Matter residency.

We are a growing collective of refugees/migrants, local people and international participants who are working together to develop a project which seeks to find new ways to respond to migration.

We aim to co-create small scale viable solutions, lifelong friendships, skill sharing, and ways of living as human to human.

Together our vision is to repopulate a village in the province of Granada, Spain; collaboratively working the land and creating viable and sustainable livelihoods, to regenerate both the ecosystem and the economy of the area.

  • Community, Landscapes
  • 2017
  • Intentional Projects
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Project information

  • Spanish
  • C/Fuenterrabia, 11, 4, Puerta 2 Madrid, Spain 28014, Spain