Sfruttazero (Diritti a Sud)

Award Recipient

‘Sfruttazero’ (‘Zero exploitation’) is a natural tomato sauce that is grown using agro-ecological farming methods. It’s produced by DaS in collaboration with the Association Solidaria in Bari and has resulted in job contracts for 25 people (including unemployed Italians and African migrants). A proportion of sales from Sfruttazero goes towards a fund for supporting the struggle of migrants that still live in Southern Italy’s ghettos.

Diritti a Sud (DaS) is an Italian association comprised of people from different generations, social and cultural backgrounds. Its core philosophy is ‘Think Global Act Local’. DaS promotes a multicultural society through encouraging the meeting and exchange of different cultures – such as through cooking lessons, living libraries, a free Italian language school for migrants, and other public event.

The idea of Sfruttazero is to change the system with a direct alternative. Sfruttazero shows that another kind of work is possible – work that respects nature and promotes human and workers’ rights in the local community.

  • Community, Food, Networks
  • 2019
  • Young Projects
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