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INSO was founded in 1991 to support communities with regenerative social and ecological initiatives in the diverse state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Its flagship ‘Slow Water’ project aims to address the Central Valley’s watershed crisis, where the speed with which water flows impacts on both its communities and its ecosystems.

INSO remains deeply engrained in grass-roots culture, while its Oaxacan Water Forum has brought community stakeholders together with NGOs, the private sector, and governmental and academic institutions. It takes an integrated approach by combining traditional wisdom and community organisation with modern knowledge and techniques.

INSO has also established two vibrant Regeneration and Permaculture Demonstration Sites, providing workshops, training and examples of regenerative land use. This includes soil conservation, re-vegetation, organic farming, ecological forestry, irrigation and rain harvesting.

Through its work, INSO reinforces a sense of the fragility and sacredness of nature, viewing it as inseparable from society.

  • Community, Food, Water
  • 2019
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