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The idea for the Mycorama project emerged at a community group meeting at the ‘Re-Green Permaculture Farm and EcoCulture Centre’ in Seliána, Greece. Community members had gathered to discuss ways to support food sovereignty and diversify income streams.

The project’s work centres on “the infinite potential of fungi to restore our damaged earth systems, reduce animal suffering and support human health”. It perceives mushrooms to be the nutrient recyclers of our planet, which have a lot to teach us about regeneration and how to live in circles.

The project began by growing oyster and shiitake mushrooms on logs, and soon expanded to Lion’s Mane and Reishi. It is exploring opportunities mycelium provides for degrading plastic cigarette butts (a big pollution problem in the local area). It has also explored ways to create regenerative, fully circular products out of Reishi – so far, a lampshade prototype has been made.

Mycorama plans to:

  • Have a fit for purpose mycological lab with the right inoculation and growing equipment (within a year)- Invest in training and knowledge sharing with other citizen scientists in the field and grow the fungi culture and industry in Greece.
  • Further explore possibilities for full circularity through use of mycelium.
  • Explore opportunities for designing mycelium household products that could replace the fossil fuel-intensive plastic that is the norm in Greece.
  • Consider the potential of mushrooms as meat alternatives in Greece, where meat consumption per capita is the 5th highest in the world.
  • Community, Energy, Food
  • 2023
  • Intentional Projects
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