La Junquera

La Junquera is an organic farm and village that is being transformed into a beacon of regenerative agriculture in Southern Spain. At the heart of La Junquera farm is a community of entrepreneurs, dedicated growers, students and academics. The aim is to develop La Junquera into a regenerative farm by implementing regenerative practices, reviving the village and local community, generating economic activity, and restoring the degraded natural zones taking into account soil fertility, water management and biodiversity.

The 1100 hectare farm of La Junquera and its Regeneration Academy (running workshops and courses) coexist in symbiosis: the farm facilitates land and infrastructure, while the Regeneration Academy helps the farm make better decisions on restoring landscape, biodiversity and sustainable profit.

They have rebuilt the ruins in the village and make space for entrepreneurs and young people to live, learn and work to restore the degraded ecosystems both on the farm and in the neighbouring communities.

  • Food, Landscapes
  • 2021
  • Influence Award
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