The Lush Spring Prize 2018

A £200,000 prize fund and other support activities, to help projects around the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration.


The Prizes

There are 4 different prize categories: from the Ideas stage, through to Young and Established organisations, and for Campaigning.

How to Enter

People all over the world are developing ways to live in harmony with nature and each other. They are generating renewable resources, restoring ecosystems, nurturing solidarity and building health, wholeness and resilience.

The Lush Spring Prize is here to support this regeneration movement through:

  • an annual £200,000 prize fund, open to communities, organisations and businesses from the ideas stage, through to young and established organisations, and campaigns.
  • events to bring people together to share their skills and experiences, and publicity to raise awareness of regeneration and its potential

Find out more about the Prize, its purpose, and who is behind it.

The Prizes

The prize is for organisations that are working to revive damaged social and natural environments; and want to share what they are doing to inspire and inform others.

Are you, or an organisation you’re involved with, trying to work in harmony with nature to revive damaged social and natural environments? Could your work benefit from some extra money or support? Do you want to share what you are doing with similar organisations around the world?

The deadline for entries is December 10th 2017, 23:59 GMT.

Photo: seed pod Seeds at the Drylands Natural Resource Centre, Kenya (Steph Newton)

Intentional Projects

For great new ideas and projects up to 1 year old, to help them get a good start and solid foundation through knowledge sharing.

Photo: Fayez Aquaponics Palestine Fayez Taneeb showing the aquaponic system at Hakoritna Farm, Tulkarem, Palestine (Steph Newton)

Young Projects

For projects or organisations that are 1-5 years old, to help them to expand or develop their work in improving ecological and social systems.

Photo: Pick-up truck Ghana Permaculture Institute (Steph Newton)

Established Projects

For projects or organisations that have worked successfully for more than 5 years, to help spread the word and inspire more people.

Photo: Sombai India Sombai taking photos of her farm, supported by Aranya Permaculture India in Utnoor (Tanvi Somani)

Influence Award

To support organisations that are campaigning or lobbying to influence policy, regulation or public opinion in support of regeneration.


Winning and short-listed projects